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Thank you for visiting By using our website, it is presumed that you agree with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here’s a quick breakdown of what that policy entails: obtains certain kinds of data about its online visitors, and uses this data to customize and improve your user experience. This data helps us display the best content, services and products for you. collects two different kinds of data:

1. Submitted Information

Often, our users voluntarily submit personal information on through one of our webforms, which gather important data such as phone numbers, email addresses, or mailing addresses. We sort and store this information to help each user access the most relevant educational programs or services for their specific needs. We also may share this information with schools, education services, or other third-parties that are relevant to a specific user.

By submitting this voluntary information, users are giving and our affiliated schools permission to comunicate with them by telephone, email, post mail, or text message. All such communication will be in compliance with any relevant laws about education or any other matter.

How to Opt-Out

Users can opt-out from receiving emails from us, our partner schools, or any related third-party at anytime. Each email we send or is sent on our behalf contains an “opt-out link.” Simply follow that link to be removed from any sender’s email services.

2. Automatic Information

Like the majority of websites, we obtain and log certain anonymous data points from our users. Generally, our team uses this information to enhance our site, and make it more user friendly.

“Cookies” are one main source of automatic information that we employ. Cookies gather anonymous user data, such as IP addresses, browser versions, and operating system versions. This anonymous data helps us create better analytics, enhance our user experience, and improve our advertising efforts. Scroll down for a more detailed description of cookies

Information and User Consent

When you use our site, we assume you are in agreement with the aforementioned information policy. That means we assume you know and accept that information you provide voluntarily, or automatically, may be used by us or one of our affiliated schools, companies, and third parties. This information is exchanged to help serve you the best and most relevant information about educational programs, services, and opportunities.

By using the site, you also accept and grant us the right to share our information, personal or anonymous, with businesses that we employ for administrative assistance, such as email service delivery businesses.

Your permission also grants us and our affiliated entities, such as schools, third-party marketers and businesses, the right to contact you about education-related services and products, in the form of information, marketing, otherwise. Such contact could take place via telephone, text message, email or mail. In allowing us, our affiliates, partners, and vendors to contact you, you waive any rights provided to you by the Do Not Call list or other related laws for a period of time. Therefore, your participation on our site effectively nullifies any state or federal Do Not Call requirements, and could render us exempt from other relevant laws as well.

By using the site, you also provide us with the right to release your personal information in necessary cases required by law, such as a subpoena. This right will be employed in good faith, whether at behest of the government or to protect our rights, safeguard our users, or aid in the investigation of alleged fraud. Such information may also be released if should enter a merger, aquistion, or sale of portions of or all of its assets to an outside party.


Cookies are very small files that hold pieces of data about users and user activity on a particular website. Those files are kept in the user’s web browser, where they can be accessed by both the website and the user. Cookies store information that can be retrieved when a user accesses a website more than once. Cookies can also be used to transport information between two different websites, and serve a number of technical purposes.

How are Cookies Used?

We use cookies in a variety of different ways, sometimes autonomously, and sometimes in partnership with third parties.

  1. Some cookies are used specifically for web analytics. These cookies track user data, including demographics information. We use this data for analysis that helps us improve our website and user experience. We do the majority of our web analytics through the Google,Inc. tool, Google Analytics. To learn more about Google Analytics, consult Google’s privacy policy.
  2. Some cookies are used for “lead auditing,”which allows us to ensure that information submitted to our website is accurate, useful, and pertinent.
  3. Some cookies are specifically used for advertising and marketing. These cookies, frequently called “third-party cookies,” gather anonymous information about user interests and site navigation. Third-party advertisers use this anonymous information to tailor their ads to users with relevant interests, thus improving user experiences. Advertising cookies can be used to track the effectiveness of advertising and marketing techniques, and improve digital ad serving for users and advertisers.

Cookies and User Consent

By using this website, you accept and agree to our cookie policy. However, you are able to opt-out. If you want to remove cookies gathered by, or any website, you can simply go the privacy settings on your browser and erase the cookies that have been gathered. It might be necessary for users to do this with each visit to the site.

Want To Stop Receiving Personalized Ads Entirely?

Members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), organizations that follow the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles, and a number of other third-party advertisers allow users to essentially block third-party advertising. To opt out, simply access the NAI website or the DAA website and visit the “Unsubscribe” page.

Changes in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

If anything changes about the way we gather or utilize user information, we will update our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use accordingly. Therefore, we urge our users to check this page regularly to ensure that they are updated about our most current methodology.

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