Top Online Schools With Job Placement Assistance

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March 25th, 2009 in Advice, Education, Jobs

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Whether you are thinking about enrolling in an online school or are just about ready to get your degree, being able to find a job or career when you are finished is a top priority. Online schools are great for getting a degree easily and comfortably from home but how many of them will actually help you find that job?

Schools With Job Placement Assistance

Well, not all of them, but many of the online schools have an amazing wealth of career services that can help with job placement, skill assessment post-graduation, and can tell you what you can expect to be making. Here is a list of the top online schools with job placement assistance.

DeVry University

DeVry is one of the most popular online schools for a few reasons. They use the latest technology, offer fairly cheap tuition per credit, and also have one of the most comprehensive career services areas you will find in any online school. DeVry also has it’s own website for job postings of various levels and many companies will hire exclusively from this site. In addition to these services, you can get resume help, links to salaries for various jobs, and tips for interviews.

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Westwood College

Westwood College Online starts you down the road to career placement long before you graduate. You will technically begin planning for your future career immediately. You will work closely with the Career Development Services Office throughout your enrollment at Westwood. The people in this office will tell you what the hottest prospects are for someone earning your degree and what specialization you might want to pursue if your degree has many branches. Westwood has a great reputation for turning out graduates with the motivation and drive to succeed in almost any area related to their degree and companies recognize this. Even after you graduate, you will still be eligible for job placement assistance if you decide to change jobs, learn a bit more in your profession or want to get a better degree.

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ITT Technical Institute

ITT Tech has long been an extremely popular online school that offered people the ability to get a degree from home long before the Internet was widespread. Even in the 1980′s ITT Tech had a very good Career Services division and they are even better today. When you enroll at ITT Tech, you will begin preparing for your future career almost immediately and the helpful staff will make sure you are taking the right classes for what you plan to do. You can get job seeking assistance but you will also learn skills and techniques to keep you employed in this competitive age. Long after you graduate ITT Tech will provide you with services to help you find a job if you decide to move, switch careers, or are just unhappy where you are now.

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Most online schools will provide you with some type of career assistance but these three schools really go the extra mile. It can be very handy to learn how to prepare a resume correctly, ace an interview, and really make a great impression on potential employers. These three schools are fairly heavy with technology and in this ever changing digital age, that’s what many companies are looking for.

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