12 Best Known Colleges

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January 23rd, 2009 in Best of, Education

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As high school students are graduating, they want to attend not only a good school, but a popular one as well. Unfortunately, the two do not always mix. There are some major programs out there that look great on the surface, but end up being sports oriented with low graduation rates. What you are going to look for is a combination of both so you can enjoy a great education and a wonderful college experience. Here is list of some the countries best and most popular programs.

1. UCLA is always among the countries most popular schools. Of course, just about any major program with beautiful weather is enticing. UCLA has top notch degree programs that are among the best in the country.

2. USC is one of the finest institutions in the country. They boast a graduation rate of over 80% and have some of the best programs in the country for international trade, technology and international trade and also feature a global center for the arts. The University of Southern California accepts a little over 20% of applicants and has a average GPA of over 3.7. This is a school you can be proud to attend.

3. University of Florida has come to the forefront as the premier education facility in the state of Florida over the last few years with the success of their athletics. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is only a jock school though. This is one of the top universities in the country and having all that sunshine doesn’t hurt (See: Why Schools on the Coast are Better).

4. Duke University is always among the top schools in the country. With tuition topping out at over $37,000 last year, you better start to save your pennies now. They accept about 23% of their applicants and excel in majors such as: foreign languages, biology, philosophy and religious studies, psychology and history.

5. University of Notre Dame has to be on just about everyone’s list. They are in the news and on tv every weekend, how can kid not want to go there. Tuition for the 2008 school year was almost $37,000 and they accepted only about 24% of applicants. This is a school that has the advantage of basically choosing who they want to attend their institution, so you better get those SAT scores up!

6. Georgetown University is located in Washington DC and has an enrollment of over 14,000. Tuition is over $38,000 a year with an acceptance rate of just over 20% This is the nations oldest Catholic University.

7. University of Michigan is a state school and can be attended for a mere $11,000 if you are local, if not, you are going to have to put out over $32,000 for the privilege of attending. In the fall of 2007 they accepted over 50% of their applicants. Don’t confuse this with an easy school to get into though, as they have very tough standards for their students.

8. University of North Carolina is also a state school costing just over $5,000 for in state students and only a little over $22,000 for out of state students. Actually quite a bargain in today’s day and age. They had an acceptance rate of almost 35% in their last semester.

9. Boston College is a Catholic school that is run by Jesuits. The school has a tuition of almost $38,000 and an acceptance rate just over 27%. One of the finest schools in the country with a wide variety of programs available to satisfy anyone’s needs.

10. University of Texas is another state school with a tuition of $8,100 for in state students and just under $26,000 for out of state students. They had an acceptance rate of 50.7% last fall and are ranked as a selective school. They offer over 300 degree programs.

11. University of Miami is another very popular sunshine state school with a tuition of just under $35,000 They had an acceptance rate of 37.8% last semester and offer over 100 programs including some of the most recognized in music, communications and music engineering. They offer a lot more than a sun tan!

12. Last but certainly not least, all Ivy League schools. I am grouping them together because they pretty much speak for themselves. They are usually the highest quality and priced education money can buy. Each and every one of them are slightly under or a little above $40,000 to attend and all have acceptance rates of just under 10%. If you plan on attending one of these schools, you better have your nose buried in the books all the way through high school and not take it out until you see that acceptance letter. It is an education that is considered by most second to none.

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