Top 10 Psychology Colleges in the USA

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This is a ranking of the top 10 traditional psychology colleges. With so many colleges in the USA, how can you find out which one will be best for your needs? As we said in a recent post entitled, Undergraduate Psychology: Picking a College, the college that you pick to get your psychology degree should fit right with your learning needs, but that doesn’t mean that some schools don’t rank higher than others for providing students with a better quality of overall educational experience. When choosing the top colleges for a psychology education, there are a number of important factors to consider. Some factors such as research facilities, are fairly easy to quantify in lists like this. However, the field of psychology has many different concentrations and the school you choose for earning your psychology degree should be heavily influenced by the faculty’s interests and type of research that gets done at that school. Since psychology as a whole is moving more and more towards being practiced as an empirical science, we’ve skewed our rankings in favor of those schools which also have strong neuroscience approaches. Here are our top ten choices for the best psychology colleges:

1. Walden University

Walden is dedicated to providing career professionals the opportunity to earn a degree from an accredited institution. Walden University’s M.S. in Psychology examines the social, cultural, and cognitive aspects of human behavior through a fundamental understanding of psychology principles. Gain a stronger understanding of multicultural perspectives of psychology as you explore research that can be applied to a wide range of settings, including education, healthcare, nonprofit, organizational, and research.

2.Post University

Post was founded in 1890 and is an accredited institution offering a wide range of on-campus and online degree programs. The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Post University explores human behavior and prepares students to use what they have learned to impact people’s lives. This 120-credit degree program will equip students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of career fields, such as marketing, human services, and education. This bachelor’s degree may also be used by students seeking to enter into graduate school and earn a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology or a related area.

3. Argosy University 


Interested in enhancing your career as a mental health professional? Argosy University’s College of Counseling, Psychology and Social Sciences offers programs designed for those interested in various mental health professions. Some programs can prepare graduates for licensure as psychologists, counselors or therapists. Other programs can prepare individuals to work in fields that apply psychology, like corrections, addictions, sports/exercise, or religious institutions, hospitals, and clinics.

4. Kaplan University

Through online, campus, and hybrid programs, Kaplan provides an accredited education to thousands of students throughout the world. The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology by Kaplan University consists of 180 total credits that will familiarize students with the reasons behind human behavior. The convenience of this online program allows students to continue working and caring for their families while earning their degree. The goal of this program is to give students an understanding of why people think and behave in certain ways.

5. Capella University

Capella is an accredited online university using a competency-based curriculum to ease each student’s transition into the workplace. The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Capella University is composed of courses lasting either five or ten weeks, totalling 180 credits. The program is based on American Psychological Association guidelines and provides students with an understanding of human behavior, emotion, and learning.

5. Saint Leo University Online

Stanford University
Saint Leo is an accredited private liberal arts university enrolling nearly 16,000 students worldwide. The online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program at Saint Leo University Online requires students to complete 120 credits. While earning their degree, students will learn about a number of areas, including forensic, military, developmental, and industrial and organizational psychologies, diversity, research methods, basis of human behavior, and the psychology of learning.

6. Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University (OCU) is an accredited private college founded in 1948. For students interested in pursuing a career in psychology, OCU offers a 124 semester credit hour psychology program with courses ranging from Life Span Psychology to Principles of Counseling. Every class in this degree program is designed to provide students with the skills to succeed in a capstone internship.

8. Grand Canyon University

GCU is a private accredited Christian university with an online student body of more than 40,000. The online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program at Grand Canyon University consists of 120 credits. Of these, at least 48 credits will focus specifically on psychology, with courses including General Psychology, Lifespan Development, Personality Psychology, Learning and Cognition, and Fundamentals of Counseling and Guidance. Since becoming a psychologist requires an advanced degree, many graduates of this program chose to enter into graduate school. However, the knowledge gained through this program can be applied to careers in a wide range of industries.

9. Keiser University

Keiser University

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology offers a diverse curriculum that provides a broad-based education in many facets of behavior, mental processes, communication, research, and writing. Courses include forensics, sports and positive psychology, as well as the traditional courses needed to prepare students for graduate studies. Students may select from four tracks/concentrations within the major (Human Services, Developmental Psychology, Health Care/Fitness, and Business). Student learning objectives include the application of scientific method and the ethical treatment of human and animal research subjects.

10. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University’s online Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree is geared to help students successfully navigate the 21st century “business of people.” The degree prepares students with the critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical frameworks, communication, business professional and leadership skills which define success in today’s marketplace.

  • 1

    krisma cunningham States

    May 6th, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    im only 17 and ive come to the conclusion i would like to be a psychology major. everyone has told me that i would do great in such a field and ive always found it interesting, so my question is, just because stanford and berkely are on the top ten (ive always been really interested in those schools) does that mean they’re harder to get into? the problem im having is i dont want to apply to a college then get turned down, i average about a 3.8 but i dunno if thats good enough. does anyone have an advise? thank you. =]

  • 2

    Ellen States

    June 2nd, 2009 at 10:04 am

    Hate to say it to you, but it’s much better to apply to a college and get turned down than to spend the rest of your life and wondering if you would have gotten in. I would definitely apply to other schools (what are some of your safety schools?), but if you’re able to, give Stanford and Berkeley a shot. It’s not only about the GPA. Some students get in with a 3.8 and some don’t. Same with some with a 4.5. It depends on so many different things. I’d recommend finding your passion (you don’t have to be a part of every club in the school, just the ones you really care about) and show your devotion. (i.e., volunteer work, club officer, etc.). That would probably help these schools see what kind of student and person you are, which will help them make a decision.
    P.S. I would make sure you can spell Berkeley right before you go there! Haha. ;)

  • 3

    Sara States

    July 3rd, 2009 at 8:26 am

    The 3.8 is virtually meaningless because of varying degrees of grade inflation. I would compare AP, IB, and SAT scores to see if you match up. If you aren’t in the top 15% of a public school or 30% of a selective private school, I’d put more emphasis on Berkeley (which is fantastic) than Stanford (which ranks up there with Harvard and Yale).

  • 4

    kaytie States

    November 10th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    colleges like “harvard” “yale” “stanford” “UCLA” and ” U of M” are ALL so intreaging… and ther is not a high chance of getting in so apply to many colleges becasue really it doesnt matter what college you went to more it matters of that you learned what your supposed to learn for the profession you want to do.

  • 5

    Leah Waight States

    January 20th, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    Will appreciate inofrmation regarding requirements to be able to apply for entry to pursue a psychology program.

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