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With the myriad of opportunities available for graduates focusing in on a career in art and design, the choices are as endless as the imagination of those that are looking for the employment opportunities.

From designing online comics to working on billboard advertising campaigns to working on sculptures for corporate buildings, the medium and the messages art and design students will have access to vary.

Currently, the most stable areas for graduates to focus on include working for corporate entities, agencies, or advertising firms.

Careers in the design profession are largely shifting to those that are more technical in nature, with graphic and industrial design growing as traditional art careers slow. While there are freelance opportunities in the field, most graduates find work with a firm. The industry can be quite competitive, and job applicants are primarily judged upon their technical skills, as well as their design portfolio.

Earnings potential and growth opportunities largely depend on the specific niche within design that you choose – the best opportunities are within web and multi-media design, which are expected to grow over 25% over the next decade. Entry level positions generally pay above $35,000, with top designers earning above $60,000.

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