Digital Designer

A digital designer can expect a salary starting from $34,113 to $60,119 depending on his or her experience. Whereas the general designer makes use of the traditional tools like the pencil, pen, ink, paper and drawing for making out their designs, the digital designer does them all on the computer. They should be able to plan, evaluate, and produce different illustrative solutions for designing problems. Digital designers should be able to find out the best means to convey the thoughts of the client across in electronic, print and film media with the help of means that are inclusive of photography, animation, color, illustration, and type. The digital designer gets across their communication through print, animation, and layout techniques.

Digital designers are required by the publishing industry and they are expected to develop the total design along with the layout of leaflets, brochures, annual reports, newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, annual reports, journals along with many other types of publications. The digital designer is also responsible for different types of promotional displays, packaging etc., and they also have to design the layouts of the same.

There are many different jobs where these digital designers are employed and even humble jobs like designing of logos for companies business and their products are entrusted to them. With the arrival of the Internet digital designers are in great demand. Their services are also used to create the graphics required on websites. The digital designer needs to co-ordinate with clients and find out what they want to display and meet their graphic requirements.

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