Mechanical Designer

A mechanical designer’s main duty is to take care of a company’s product development needs. He or she will mainly be responsible for the creation and improvement of assembly drawings, subassembly and component design, detail drawings, etc. A mechanical designer must work in harmony with product development engineers in performing tasks such as:

  • Make the necessary changes in design or drawings
  • Evaluate the required product documentation before releasing a specific product
  • Manage the prototype phase of a product by performing the necessary tests and debugging when necessary
  • Ensure that the product is of good quality
  • Engage in meetings that focus on design reviews

Mechanical Designer Salary Information

The normal salary that mechanical designers may receive amounts to $60,000. The said amount may be lowered or raised dependent upon the experience, credentials, and the kind of employer a mechanical designer has.

Mechanical Designer Qualifications

Employers generally require mechanical designers to have degrees in either Mechanical Technology or Mechanical Engineering. More often than not, an employer may prefer a mechanical designer applicant to have experience in fields like design and mechanical drafting, with the usual required experience to be at least five years. Of course having experience in debugging and prototyping will also give more positive points to an applicant. Some employers may also require their mechanical designers to have the necessary skills in tools e.g. AutoCAD. Mechanical designers also need to have both conceptual skills and technical skills, not to mention attention to even the smallest details.

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