Record Producer

A record producer manages every single aspect of the recording session, whether it is the instruments to be played, the financial aspect, etc. A record producer is there to see to it that both the recording session and the output are successful. Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a record producer:

  • Give recommendations to recording artists in terms of which may be the best songs to record
  • Ensure that a project does not go over the budget
  • Select and manage background performers, if any
  • Aid sound engineers in the recording process

Record Producer Salary Information

The normal salary of a record producer may range from over $30,000 up to more than $50,000 on a yearly basis. This range, of course, may not apply to freelance record producers. Taking gigs on a project basis may mean a salary lower or higher than the standards, depending on the number of projects and the popularity of the recording artists and recording companies the freelance record producer works with.

Record Producer Qualifications

Most record producers have certificates in any of the following: songwriting, composition, music production, sound engineering, musical history and theory, etc. Students who plan to be record producers may also have to spend most of their time enhancing their piano skills as the said instrument is usually the main composition tool of songwriters and producers. Nowadays, record producers also have to be knowledgeable on digital technology as producing music today has become dependent on computer software.

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