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Top 5 Business Administration Degrees


One of the career segments that varies the most is business administration, and due to this, it is also one of the hottest degrees currently as it trains people to get jobs that range from operations to management, and include a variety of careers with different secondary skills.
If you enjoy math and accounting, you can become a credit analyst, account executive, or financial planner. If you enjoy interacting with people, there are careers in public administration, employment interviewer, or job analyst. If you enjoy writing, you could easily focus on becoming a business writer. These are just some of the many opportunities available to a graduate of Business Administration. Some other main focuses that business administration prepares you for include green business and a high level understanding of business ethics, both very useful in our quickly changing society. Studying business management can open up career opportunities in nearly every industry, with opportunities ranging from operations management to sales to consulting and project director positions. Competition for the best jobs is quite high, with a large number of graduates in the field every year ranging from associates to MBA degrees. Job candidates are best prepared by developing a strong analytical and technical background that will allow them to work with a variety of software packages that are used in modern business. Students will benefit from work and internship experience to improve job prospects. A working background in financial and law is also important for prospective managers. Entry level positions generally start above $35,000, with opportunities for bonuses base on performance and certain skill sets, with a virtually unlimited ceiling on earnings potential based upon merit and promotion.

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