Customer Relationship Manager

A customer relationship manager oversees all customer service representatives and ensures all customers receive prompt service, all of requests or inquiries have been handled, and problems are resolved swiftly. Customer relationship managers directly address any and all client issues by interacting with customers via phone, fax, email, the Internet, or in person. These managers assess the situation and determine an appropriate course of action. Customer relationship managers work with employees and provide guidance during difficult situations in order to achieve the best possible resolution for the company and the customer. In addition to dealing directly with customers, he or she is also responsible for ensuring all company protocol is followed. Other typical duties for this profession include: following up with customer complaints, issuing customer refunds, collecting past due payments, forwarding customer issues to upper management when needed, handling vendor problems, developing sales plans, coordinating employee activities, communicating internal data to upper management, researching ways to improve service, and reconciling data.

Customer relationship managers are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, or in their specific field. Customer service experience is also required. Previous managerial experience is often preferred. Other recommended skills include: staffing experience, coaching skills/experience, communication skills, computer skills, and multi-tasking ability. A Master’s in Business Administration is recommended for higher-ranking positions, as well as for further career opportunities.

The typical average salary of a customer relationship manager is about $62,000 per year. Starting salaries pay an average of about $41,900 per year, while experienced managers average about $71,800 per year.

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