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Seven of the top twenty rapidly growing career fields are within the health care industry, which is anticipated to generate millions of new jobs over the next decade.

Careers require specialized educational training, ranging from certified diagnostics which can be learned through technical associates programs to nursing careers which require a Registered Nursing (RN) degree to doctors who must earn an accredited M.D. At all levels of the technical side of health care, there are certification tracks that are important to follow.

For those interested in working on the policy and business sides of the field, a strong background in science will further help job prospects. Among the fastest growing sectors of health care are ambulatory care, home health, medical diagnostics and nursing. Physician’s assistants are also in strong demand as the industry shifts towards new models of providing clinical care.

Salaries are competitive, and will range depending on the career specialty, with technical professionals commanding higher wages as their level of certification rises.

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