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A career in psychology can take many forms, but almost always involves understanding the way people think and using that as a tool to affect change. Some careers in psychology involve the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional problems. Other psychology jobs involve academic and medical research.

Psychology is involved in careers as diverse as social work, talk therapy, school counseling, forensics, employee morale coordinators and professors.

As the mental health segment of the health care industry expands rapidly, psychology professionals from therapists to researches are in high demand. In order to work as a professional in the psychology field, a specialized graduate degree is generally required, including certification for social workers and therapists. Undergraduate majors in psychology can enter a wide variety of career fields, especially with a strong technical background.

Practicing psychologists are required to earn doctorate or medical degrees, which require a strong background in biology and general science. Social workers are required to earn a MSW degree, while therapists will generally earn a master’s degree and test for certification.

Compensation for professional workers will vary depending on the nature of the practice (private or public) as well as the specialty chosen.

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