Behavioral Health Technician

A Behavioral Health Technician is one that assists the counselors or therapeutic team by giving clinical support services to clients or patients who are suffering from substance abuse or mental irregularities and are housed in residential facilities, inpatient departments, or community-based programs.

In addition to that, a Behavioral Health Technician also functions as a dynamic part of the management team who offers continuous client care, interaction and role modeling for individuals of every age that have problems regarding their mental health or have substance abuse issues, document relevant information regarding the patient’s activities, participate in crisis intervention situations, offer educational group therapy sessions with the supervision of a head counselor or registered nurse. He or she is also tasked to provide basic nursing care to patients in the psychiatric ward—which includes the technical monitoring and physical care, ensures the safety of the client and is the one who makes the rounds and monitors the patient’s meals.

The minimum educational requirement needed in order to become a certified Behavioral Health Technician is a high school diploma or the equivalent of that and at least four years of behavioral health work experience. More sophisticated facilities, however, require a Bachelor of Science Degree in either Psychology, Social Work or in other fields related to the study of behavioral health. An Associate’s Degree and a two-year period of full-time experience in behavioral health work may also qualify one for the job.

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Behavioral Health Technicians can earn an average annual salary that range from $25,000 to $35,500.

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