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Teaching is one of the best careers that you can choose. Since teachers are always in demand it should not be difficult to find a job. Plus, once you have the job, it is very secure, since education is not affected by layoffs and recessions. On top of all this, most teachers are government employees which means that benefits are top notch.

One of the inside jokes among professors is that most professors were never taught how to teach. Fortunately, the same is not true for our elementary and high-school teachers. Whereas the graduate students who want to become professors simply have to get a Ph.D. and finish a dissertation, undergraduates who want to become elementary or high school teachers have to go through rigorous certification and get lots of in-school teaching experience.

As the second largest career field, education careers require certification at nearly every level. While most careers are in public education, there are also numerous opportunities in the private sector from education to training. In order to teach in most public schools, teachers are required to earn a degree in education, along with a requisite number of training hours in a certified program. Since accreditation is at the state level, there may be limitations on your ability to transfer your certifications out of state, unless you subsequently earn a master’s degree.

Opportunities in private education, from tutoring to training can be more lucrative than public careers, as well. Another set of career options are within educational administration, which requires a graduate degree, as well as a certain level of teaching experience. Most public teachers start with salaries in the $30,000 range, and can earn higher compensation rates with increased experience and certification levels. Those seeking university level positions are required to earn a “terminal” (or highest) degree in their given field, generally a PHD degree.

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