College Financial Aid Resources

In everyone’s lives they have key moments. These moments include being born, beginning school, learning to drive, first job, first home and retirement. However, one of the most crucial times is going to and graduating from college

Going to college requires a great deal of decision making in order to select the right school and career path. However, the biggest obstacle for college bound students is paying for college. With the ever rising costs associated with going to college, students are faced with the task of finding sources to pay for college. Some of the ways students pay for college includes scholarships, college savings plans, student loans and parental assistance.

The process can be overwhelming for some students. To assist new college bound students find financial aid, here are some helpful resources:

Finding a College

Selecting a Major


College Savings Plans

  • College Savings Plans – resourceful site containing information on college savings plans.
  • Saving For College – helpful web site with information and ideas on how to save for a college education.
  • 529 Plans – information and description of the college saving plan 529.
  • Intro to 529 Plans – SEC information on how 529 savings plans operate and how they can benefit college students.
  • Savings For College – informative web resource explaining how college savings plans work.

Student Loans

  • Student Loans – informative government site on how student loans operate.
  • Financing Overview – information and suggestions on how to finance a college education.
  • Federal Direct Loans – government information on the federal direct student loan program.
  • Student Loan Information – overview of the available student loan programs for college students.
  • Student Loans – helpful site containing information on how you can get a student loan.

Financial Aid Resources

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