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Getting a Degree

With the competition for post-secondary education quickly growing in the global marketplace, it is more important than ever before to go beyond high school, and pick up the education needed to succeed. There are many ways you can get a degree today, including the traditional method of attending classes, or the newer method of attending classes online. Whichever one you choose, there will be advantages and disadvantages that really come down to your own personal learning abilities. College Crunch is a leader in providing up to date and important degree information online. Looking for more information on getting into school? Check out our Admissions section.

Advantages of Getting a Degree Online

There are many advantages of getting your degree online, especially in our ever increasingly busy and expensive world. One of the major advantages for me was that I could work from home. This meant saving money that I would otherwise spend on the increasingly expensive gasoline on making sure I had all of the equipment and supplies I needed to study efficiently. Do you study better in the late evening or sporadically throughout the day? Taking an online degree means more flexibility with your schedule. Communication becomes more involved, but also more effective, as it can be much easier to reference an audio file, or e-mail from your professor than remember what he or she said during a lecture months ago.

Advantages of Getting a Degree in Person

If you aren’t the type that can easily make time to study and go over course material on your own and have the ability to set aside the required time to attend classes, then you will usually have an advantage over most people taking online degrees. Once in a classroom, the instructor can break down difficult concepts, and your peers can help you with a variety of different tasks throughout the curriculum. Attending class forces you to devote what usually amounts to a longer block of time towards your studies than those completing their degree online. It also means you can usually find the teachers in their office, during office hours for even more support in acquiring the knowledge you need to ace your tests.

List of Degrees

There are two main streams for degrees, Science and Arts and there are many degrees offered under both encompassing umbrellas. Below is a list of high level degree categories. If you click on one of the categories, you can explore the hundreds of degree options we have covered on the site.

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