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If you are the type of person who has good communication skills, likes negotiating deals and enjoys working with numbers and computers, you may want to consider earning a degree in Business. Whether your interest lies in marketing, sales, finance, or you dream of setting your own course as an entrepreneur, studying Business at the post-secondary level can help you prepare for success.

Online Business & Marketing Degrees

A Business degree program includes a variety of courses with different specializations. Students start off by getting a good foundation in arts and sciences and then move on to more specific topics. Part of majoring in Business means that you do more than just sit in the classroom and listen to lectures.

Students are given case studies to work up. This exercise allows them to develop their analytical skills and get experience dealing with the kinds of issues that they will face on the job as business owners and managers. Using logic and reason, they are asked to defend their ideas to their classmates and professors. Business students also get a good foundation in statistics, financial projections, and market research.

Business degree graduates can find work in these career fields:

• Accounting
• Advertising
• Commercial Banking
• Consulting
• Financial Planning
• Insurance
• Finance
• Market Research
• Product Management
• Public Relations
• Real Estate
• Retail

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