Computer Science and IT Degrees

The field of Computers and IT is constantly changing. A degree in computer science or a related discipline is a strong fit for people who have good analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Good communication skills are also required, since it’s not enough to understand computer systems; degree graduates must also be able to discuss issues with supervisors and coworkers throughout project development. Good writing skills are also important, since you may need to do some technical writing as part of your job duties.

Online Computer Science and IT Degrees

Degree Options

Since computer applications are intimately connected with job duties and business functions, you will want to make sure the program you are considering includes some business courses to allow you to learn more about the kinds of environments where you may be working. Being able to multi-task is another skill that you will find helpful in this field.

Choosing a degree program in Computer Science and IT can qualify you for opportunities in these career fields:

• Computer Forensics Investigators
• Computer Programmer
• Computer Scientist
• Database Administrator
• Information Officer
• Network Specialist
• Product Manager
• Security Specialist
• Systems Analyst
Technology Officer

Some graduates from Computer and IT programs decide to work as independent consultants or establish online businesses. Establishing a consulting firm that employs other computer specialists is another option for graduates of this program.

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