Education & Teaching Degrees

Pursuing a degree in Education qualifies students to work as teachers in many types of settings. Not all instructors work in the classroom with elementary and high school students.

Online Education & Teaching Degrees

Degree Options

An education or teaching degree will serve you well in number of careers where the focus is on communication, including:

• Adult education
• Children’s book author
• Corporate trainer
• Customer service
• Pre-school/Day care owner
• English as a Second Language
• Human resources
• Public relations
• Sales
• School administration
• School psychology
• School social work
• Special education
• Technical writing
• Writer

Good communication skills involve listening as well as sharing information. Studying Education at the post-secondary level teaches students how to listen effectively to interpret what others are trying to say. The message can sometimes be garbled or hidden, and it can be tempting to stop listening before the other person is finished communicating.

Part of teaching is being curious, and this area of specialization encourages students to ask questions. Good teachers don’t just share information, they help the people they are interacting with to think and draw their own conclusions. Teachers also need to think logically and pay attention to detail so that they can share information in a way that builds on the listener’s previous knowledge.

Consider getting a degree in education today and help make the next generation a better place!

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