Physical Therapist’s Assistant Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree program to become a physical therapist’s assistant will prepare you for hands-on work under the direction of a qualified physical therapist. They work with patients who have sustained muscle sprains and strains, fractures, injuries to the back or neck, and burns. Physical therapist’s assistants also work with people who have suffered a stroke, live with multiple sclerosis, and amputees.

The ability to listen well and communicate clearly are important part of this kind of work. Students also need to have an aptitude for science and a desire to help their patients improve their lives. Examples of the courses you would take as part of this program include:

• Cardiopulmonary PT
• Clinical Education
• General Gross Anatomy
• Human Anatomy & Physiology
• Introduction to Computers
• Introduction to Physical Therapy
• Medical Terminology
• Microcomputer Applications
• Movement Science
• Musculoskeletal PT
• Neuromuscular PT
• Patient Care Fundamentals
• Physical Agents and Massage

Career Options

Graduates from this program can find jobs in a number of work environments, including the following:

• Education or research centers
• Fitness centers and sports training facilities
• Hospitals
• Industrial, workplace, or other occupational environments
• Outpatient clinics or offices
• Rehabilitation facilities
• Skilled nursing, extended care, or sub-acute facilities

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