Science and Technology Degrees

A degree that focuses on science or technology prepares students for a number of different high-demand and high-paying career choices. If you are considering a major in one of these subject areas, your education can prepare you for highly-specialized jobs. Your degree also qualifies you for positions in other fields where your technical knowledge is considered a major differentiating asset.

Online Science and Technology Degrees

Here are a few examples of the many careers in the fields of science and technology:

• Analytical chemist
• Computer programmer
Environmental health officer
• Information management
• Microbiologist
• Nutritionist
• Physicist
• Research scientist
• Systems analyst
• Video game designer
• Video game tester
• Web designer

Choosing to major in either science or technology will give you skills that employers are looking for, such as:

• Ability to work well as part of a team
• Attention to detail
• Logical thinking
• Patience
• Perseverance
• Professional honesty
• Problem solving
• Responsibility
• Technical writing
• Time management

Degree Options

Choosing to pursue studies in the fields of science and technology can open up many doors to graduates. A person with such a degree can move directly into the workforce, or use their education as a springboard into more advanced degrees.

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