Save Your Work Constantly

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September 29th, 2008 in Advice, Entertainment, Resource, Technology

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Having just lost three documents I was working on over the past few days, I can’t even begin to explain how frustrating it is to lose work on the computer when you forget to save.

Some applications have the ability to auto-save throughout the writing process, but if the feature only starts working once you’ve saved for the first time, you can find yourself without any of your work if you didn’t take the initiative to save at least once when you first created the document.

Other applications don’t have the ability to automatically save your work as you proceed, and so taking a few seconds to make sure you have a recent copy saved to your hard drive can save you a massive amount of time and frustration later.

Computers fail, they freeze, and they throw out incomprehensible errors at the drop of a hat, and so taking the time to save your work constantly and consistently will always be to your benefit.

There is nothing worse than trying to rewrite something from memory after you have already taken the time and energy to write it the first time.

Don’t end up like me with over two thousand words vanishing into the digital void.

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