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Don’t let money be the reason you can’t go to College!

Finding the money to attend schools, be they online of off, can be quite difficult, but there are many options for financing your school career.

American InterContinental University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. American InterContinental University has been providing students with experienced and knowledgeable instructors for years. Their staff is dedicated in helping students achieve the skills and education they need to succeed in their desired careers.
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Kaplan University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. As one of the top accredited online universities, Kaplan University is dedicated in providing quality education for students from all around the world. Whether you're looking to advance in your career or satisfy your educational needs, Kaplan has a program that's right for you.
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University of Phoenix - Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's & Doctoral Degrees. University of Phoenix offers a great deal of programs available online for students with time constraints. Their flexible online courses allow students to learn from home, and around their own schedules so they never have to miss out on a thing.
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Loans, lines of credit, credit cards and other financing options can make the financial strain much more bearable. And of course there is always the hope of scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid.

If you want to attend school, and finances are the only thing holding you back, be persistent as there are financial counselors at most schools that can help you find a way to make it work out as money should never be the reason why someone can’t attend post-secondary education. College should be affordable to everyone, but sometimes it takes a fair bit of arm-twisting at financial institutions to get the funds you need for school.

The government can also be a great resource for information, if not money, but finding your way through the various levels of support and information can be equated to walking a mine field. College Crunch aims to provide easy to understand resources regarding financing your college degree.

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