Least Trusted Professions

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November 7th, 2008 in Online

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Jobboom has recently compiled a list of the top ten least trusted professions currently. Most of the list is unsurprising, but I wanted to give my own thoughts on their selections.

10. Police Officer
With how they are portrayed in movies, and the various YouTube videos that show Police Officers doing the wrong things, how can society ignore this, and pretend that they trust police implicitly? Police Officers as a career have a lot of work to do to regain the trust of the people they are supposed to serve and I am glad to see that their career is getting this kind of attention, as hopefully, it will be rectified over the next while.

9. Journalist
With the Internet playing a stronger and stronger part in our daily lives, it is understandable that people would trust journalists, less and less. They work for a corporate entity which is focused on making money and in doing so, they might have to compromise their ethics to do and say things that they wouldn’t say or do for anything other than a paycheck.

8. Celebrities
Last time I checked, being a celebrity wasn’t a profession, but instead a status, one that most celebrities have earned, but in earning their celebrity, they didn’t earn anyone’s trust. I don’t see why this was put on the list other than to remind us that movie actors can be a bunch of liars, and musicians can be fakers. My thoughts: so what?

7. Handymen
Another career that has been portrayed in a negative way for a long time. There are whole television shows dedicated to how bad some handymen are and how they “trick” an unsuspecting public. How can you trust businesses that can use their knowledge to profit in an extreme way. I think a fair bit of the trust issue should be placed on those hiring handymen, as we, as a society, probably don’t know as much about repairing various things as we should.

6. Agent/Manager
Not many people have agents or managers, so while I agree that I wouldn’t trust one, I think for most people, this is a non-issue. Again, the value and cost proposition is so liquid, like the handyman, it can be hard to know if you are getting value for your money, and not just spending money with little in return.

5. Telemarketers
I have worked in a call center. It is, pretty much, one of the lowest jobs you can do, and in training they teach you scripts, and if you go off script, you can end up losing your job. When the job market is tight, you do what you are told and read your script, even if you don’t agree with it. How can anyone trust people that have to bend their own morals and ethics in such a way? I doubt even those that work at call centers like being called by telemarketers.

4. Lawyer
Another career portrayed in a negative way often in movies and in television, lawyers have long had an air of untrustworthiness to them. They are a group of people, trained in winning cases over proving the truth. You need to have extremely flexible morals to take on certain specialties as a lawyer.

3. Mechanic
Mechanics aren’t very trusted because many of them haven’t earned it. Again, much of this problem is no doubt due to the lack of understanding on how automobiles operate by those that own them. With more consumer knowledge, there would be less opportunity to be taken advantage of by mechanics.

2. Politician
They bend the truth, say anything to get elected, and rarely follow through with more than a tiny handful of their campaign promises. It is easy to see why they rank as the second least trusted profession.

1. Used Car Salesman
There isn’t much that needs to be said here. This is a business that is focused on making sure you turn over inventory as fast as possible without any regard to the customer. Hiding behind caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, they seemingly feel righteous in what they do to make their money.

Nearly all of these professions have been strongly effected in a negative way be media. With movies, music, television shows, magazines and more portraying only the negative side of these jobs. While they are some of the least trusted, that doesn’t mean that no one in these careers is trustworthy, but no matter who you are working with, you’ll want to err on the side of caution.

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