Top 20 Colleges for Nursing Degrees

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March 18th, 2009 in Rankings

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top 20 nursing schools

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Degrees in Nursing Whenever you are getting educated you want the best education possible. That is no exception when it comes to nursing. When pursuing a nurse related career, it is important to pick the best nursing school that meets your needs. The good news is that there are many quality nursing programs around the country which allows you to get your nursing degree from a school that is in your state or local area. Before picking a nursing school, make sure that it is well reviewed and accredited. Also make sure that they have a reputation not just of book smarts but also of giving their students plenty of hands on experience.

1. University of Washington, Seattle

The University of Washington at Seattle has a long history of excellence. The school has an award winning research record and offers cutting edge technology to their students. The educational goals of the school include providing a new generation of nurse educators as well as skilled nurses for the various health fields currently experiencing a short fall of trained professionals. The school offers 19 master’s degree specialties. Graduates and nurse professionals can benefit from the numerous continuing education courses offered and taught by experts in the fields.

2. University of Pennsylvania

The Penn nursing program offers a unique, state of the art, nursing program with the latest technologies available to provide the best possible nursing education. Penn has a lab with mannequin patients nursing students are able to use for practice. The mannequins respond as real patients would. Additionally, Penn’s school of nursing uses the Philadelphia Children’s hospital to teach and train their nursing students. The school also teaches their nursing students how to use the latest electronic medical record technology.

3. University of California; San Francisco

Recognizing the need for more skilled professional nurses, The University of California at San Francisco has expanded their nursing program to increase the number of new students the school is capable of accepting. The program is based on the idea that teaching, research, and practice provide the groundwork for a skilled nursing workforce. The school offers advanced education programs helping nurses with associate’s degrees to obtain their bachelors and masters degrees. And the school offers nurses the opportunity to obtain a masters or doctorate degree in the field of nursing.

4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill strives to instill leadership qualities in their nursing students. Students of the nursing program are prepared for careers in various medical positions varying from entry level nursing to scientists or educators. The University emphasizes the need for research in advancing the capabilities and offerings of the medical field. Students can earn a two year BS degree in nursing or opt to pursue an advanced degree in the nursing fields. Individuals with bachelor degrees in other fields can earn a nursing degree in as little as 14 months. The school also offers continuing teach classes to keep their graduates abreast of the latest in the nursing field.

5. University of Illinois, Chicago

The University Illinois in Chicago offers a number of opportunities in terms of nursing education programs. The school’s faculty is leaders in the nursing field who teach from experience. Students are required to participate in clinical opportunities for hands on experience. The curriculum focuses particularly on practical experience as well as a comprehensive academic course curriculum. Admission to the program is competitive; ensuring students are surrounded with peers who are dedicated to learning.

6. Columbia University

Columbia University’s school of nursing is located on the prestigious Health Sciences campus of the University. The college boasts a practical clinic experience at the NY Presbyterian Hospital which is located at the school’s campus also. The school is proud to claim being the first in many aspects; first with a universal faculty nursing practice plan and first school named a WHO collaborating center for the international nursing development of advanced practice. Though the school doesn’t offer undergraduate nursing degrees, the advanced studies programs offer a superior accelerated program with many opportunities.

7. University of Texas, Austin

The University of Texas offers programs to obtain a bachelor of science in nursing, a Master of Science in Nursing, and Doctor of Philosophy and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program. There are more than 70 students enrolled in the undergraduate nursing program. The school is involved in a number of research projects focusing on the more vulnerable populations; quality of life for disabled people, disease prevention in poorer communities. The school offers a nurse run clinic where students can provide a service to the community while earning practical experience.

8. University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh’s nursing program offers many learning opportunities and resources to their students. The school proclaims the program to be challenging and comprehensive. Students are expected to participate in a number of clinical experience offerings to gain experience in many areas of the medical profession. The school also offers research opportunities. Students can earn a bachelor or masters degree in nursing and can take advantage of continuing education offerings at the college after graduation.

9. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University school of Nursing seeks to provide skilled nurses who will become leaders in their fields. The program has a comprehensive curriculum which covers research, practical application, service, and academics. They endeavor to improve available health services both on the local and global fronts. Students have the option of entering the two year baccalaureate program or the accelerated 13.5 month program. Also offered are several master’s degree programs, PhD programs, and certificate programs.

10. Yale University

Yale is credited as the first school to offer an academic nursing program instead of the traditional apprenticeship programs. The school has continued in this pioneering tradition ever since. Yale provides many collaborative opportunities for students to learn and meet leaders in the health industry. The school has a reputation as a leader in nursing education and instills this quality in their students. Students and faculty work side by side in clinical environments as well as in research. Yale fosters an environment of discipline and hard work resulting in an education of distinction

11. University of Maryland, Baltimore

The University of Maryland Baltimore campus has an innovative nursing program. The school offers bachelor, masters, and doctorate degree programs. The University strives to impact the nursing profession by developing leaders in the nursing field. More than 1700 students are enrolled in the school’s nursing program annually. The school boasts a number of business, government, and professional partners in the health industry and provides community health services through their mobile clinic.

12. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Besides a challenging curriculum, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor’s School of Nursing offers its students state of the art facilities, a respected medical center at which to gain practical experience, and extensive resources. The school’s faculty members are considered experts in their fields and include researchers, clinicians, and practitioners. The school offers an impressive three undergraduate programs and over 20 masters’ programs. Doctorate and post doctorate programs are also offered at the University.

13. Rush University

Rush University’s nursing program is based on a patient centered premise. The school focuses on developing the scientific foundations of nursing through research and advancing nursing education opportunities. Rush offers three post graduate nursing degree programs and several certificate programs. The school also offers an ADN-MSN which allows experienced nurses to obtain an advanced generalist or advanced specialty practice degree.

14. University of Colorado

The University of Colorado Denver College of Nursing offers degree undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students are able to work in clinical environments staffed by their academic professors. The school is involved in many research projects of which the students are encouraged to participate. The nursing school strives to train nurses to provide quality service in every industry from health care services to political activism. The school endeavors to teach cost effective health care practices while instilling an understanding of the importance of holistic healing.

15. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona’s school of nursing prepares students for careers in administration, nursing education, public service, health industry, research and advanced nursing. The school strives to produce nursing graduates who will provide compassionate nursing care to the communities they serve. Students can choose between a traditional BSN curriculum and an accelerated 14 month program; both of which provide graduates the opportunity to take the state boards licensing exam.

16. Emory University

The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University has an excellent research program, many resources, and a number of clinical opportunities. Emory University offers bachelor degree programs in nursing for first and second degree program students. The school has a program which leads undergraduate students into the master’s degree programs. The school also offers numerous specialized master degrees as well as post masters education opportunities and a PhD program. Students are well prepared for a career in the nursing field.

17. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s school of Nursing seeks to improve the quality of patient care through research and practice. The school has focused much of their research resources on alternative therapies and is developing as a leader in geriatrics and oncology research. Clinical opportunities are offered through the respected University of Virginia health services. The curriculum is comprehensive and varied and offers many specialized courses in various aspects of the health field. Students can enter the school directly from high school to pursue a bachelor degree in nursing. Many educational tracts are available for students so that the programs can be tailored to specific career goals.

18. University of Washington, Tacoma

The University of Washington offers a bachelor of science in nursing, two masters programs, 2 graduate programs, and two nursing doctorate programs. The undergraduate nursing program is two years in length. The curriculum provides a wide range of necessary courses including all aspects of health and wellness, patient care and therapeutics, human functioning and health. An emphasis is placed on developing essential critical thinking skills. Clinical experience is part of the course curriculum and prepares graduates for any aspect of the nursing profession. Graduates of the program are prepared and eligible to take the state board licensing exam.

19. Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University’s school of nursing is a community service oriented program which focuses on academics and research to teach. The school offers three Bachelor of Science nursing degree programs including an accelerated degree program and an online part time program. Students have the option of pursuing graduate degree programs also.

20. University of Missouri, Columbia

The University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing seeks to provide a diverse curriculum which is open to students of various levels of education and experience. The school uses service and research as a means to train nurses focused on improving the quality of health care services offered. The school is considered one of the top research nursing schools and offers a number of degree programs including bachelor, accelerated bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees. The school also offers an online program option. Interested in becoming a nurse? Get started with these free information packets.

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