Harvard University

Located in Cambridge, MA, Harvard University was established in 1636. This Ivy League member is a private university. Not only is Harvard the oldest university in the United States, but it was the first corporation established in North America.

The school’s roots date back to its founding as a charter from the Massachusetts colonial congress. The school got its name from religious researcher John Harvard, a Cambridge graduate who donated his estate to the school.

Harvard is known for attracting an exceptional caliber of students. They are attracted to this institution because of its reputation for providing a high quality of education as well as it prestige. Harvard has 6,700 undergrad students and 2,300 graduate and professional students. The student to faculty ratio is 8:1.

Harvard is a leading research institution on an urban campus, and has some of the most well regarded professional schools in the country. In particular, the Harvard Law School, Business School and Medical School are world renowned for both their research and instruction. In 1999, the school merged with Radcliffe Women’s College, creating a unified campus.

With one of the largest endowments of any University, Harvard has one of the largest libraries and research facilities in the world, with millions of rare books, films and media in its collection.

Admission Requirements

Less than nine percent of applicants are accepted into Harvard. The vast majority of those who are accepted make up the top 10 percent of high-school students. To be considered, applicants should have an SAT score in the 2080-2370 range or an ACT score of 31-34.

Tuition and Room and Board Costs

The cost of going to Harvard University for a year is $47,215. The cost can be broken down as follows:

  • Tuition: $32,557
  • Health Services Fee: $ 1,426
  • Student Services Fee: $ 2,190
  • Room: $ 6,060
  • Board: $ 4,982

There is good news for honor students who come from families earning $60,000 per year or less, though: They don’t have to pay tuition. Harvard is dedicated to removing cost as a barrier for students who demonstrate ability but who lack the financial resources to pay tuition costs.

Programs at Harvard University

At Harvard, each student plan is developed on an individual basis. A freshman advisor is assigned to each student to help them set the pace for their studies. Each first-year student is required to take a foreign language course and to take a writing course.

Undergraduate students at Harvard University can choose from a number of programs, including:

• African and African American Studies
• Anthropology
• Chemistry
• Economics
• Engineering and Applied Sciences
• History
• Music
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Graduate students at Harvard can work toward their educational goals by enrolling in the following schools:

• Harvard Business School:
• Harvard Divinity School»
• Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences»
• Harvard Graduate School of Design:
• Harvard Graduate School of Education:
• Harvard Law School:
• Harvard Medical School:
• Harvard School of Dental Medicine:
• Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences:
• Harvard School of Public Health

Harvard Law School is the oldest and one of the most prestigious schools in the country for students pursuing a legal career. (President Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law.)


Harvard University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC-CIHE).


Harvard has a well-developed sports program that includes more than 40 varsity teams for men and women. The men’s ice hockey team won the NCAA championship in 1989, and the women’s lacrosse team was awarded the top prize in 1990. Harvard and Yale have an intense rivalry and each year football teams from the two schools meet for what is known as “The Game.”

Online Programs at Harvard University

If you can’t go to Harvard, then you can still work toward a Harvard degree from anywhere with an Internet connection. More than 100 courses are offered, and students watch video lectures every week. Assignments are completed on your schedule and you can contact instructors and fellow students by e-mail and online.

Reviews of Harvard University

A difficult school to attend, difficult to afford, but many found having the Harvard seal on their degree was very helpful to opening career related doors. With brilliant teachers and students, Harvard is a joy to learn, but suffers from many social shortcomings according to a myriad of reviews. Will the social atmosphere keep you away from one of the finest learning institutions?

Harvard University is ranked among the top 50 liberal arts schools on various lists. The reviews are almost universally positive. Here are some online reviews of Harvard University:



Job Prospects, The Costs of Tuition and Financial Aid

With the expense that many expect when attending prestigious names such as Harvard, it may come as little shock to see the tuition alone coming in at above $30,000 per year, but Harvard does have many programs that can reduce the up front cost of schooling, as a degree from Harvard should do well in the business world, allowing you to more readily pay back the debt you accrue than certain people from other schools.

Harvard is consistently one of the top 3 schools in terms of job placement immediately after college. For this reason, though it is expensive, it is one of the safest higher education investments you can make.

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