Eugene Bible College

Eugene Bible College is now part of the Pacific Rim Christian College Consortium which consists of colleges in locations such as Hawaii, Japan and Myanmar as founded by Dr. Waine Cordeiro. Dr. Cordeiro is a graduate of Eugene Bible College who has been appointed as its chancellor. The college‘s main objective is to equip students for leadership and ministry through a college education that is biblically-based.

Programs of study include Interdisciplinary Studies Program, Christian Counseling, Christian Education Program, Intercultural Studies Program, Pastoral Studies Program, Youth Ministry Program and the Worship Arts Program. Bible Certificate Programs are also offered. Non-certificate programs consist of Elementary Education Transfer Track with Northwest Christian College, Warner Pacific College, Concordia College and the University of Redlands.

The college’s Department of External Studies has made available more than 100 correspondence courses which are divided into four types. The four divisions are the Bible Division, Theology Division, Church Ministries Division and General Education Division. A maximum of 48 hours may be applied to a degree program from these external studies programs.

Eugene Bible College can be found at 2155 Bailey Hill Road in Eugene, Oregon. It occupies a 36-acre campus on a hill overlooking Eugene. Its original campus is located in Downtown consisted of just two round buildings.

Tuition per quarter is $ 3,120.00 while general fees amount to $ 325.00, also per quarter. Part-time enrollment and overload is charged $ 260.00 per credit hour. A typical dormitory student is charged approximately $ 15,835.00 per year to include tuition, general fees, room and board and room deposit.

For more information about admissions, financial aid or online learning opportunities such as distance education degree programs and online classes, please contact Eugene Bible College.

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