Top 10 Ways to Get Involved as a College Freshman

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November 11th, 2011 in Social

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The transition from high school to college can be stressful and intimidating. But college freshmen will find that there are plenty of ways to get involved in campus life that will help make friends and make the transition to college easier.

You can search out like-minded people to get involved with and find groups that interest you to join. But you should also not shy away from getting involved with organizations that reflect your personal interests as well. There are some very good ways that college freshmen can get involved in college while learning to interact with a very diverse group of people.

Political Associations

College campuses are places where people feel strongly about their opinions and want to find others that hold the same ideals. To find people like this, you can join campus political groups and get involved in the issues that concern you.

Campus political groups can represent the major political parties, or they can take up other issues such as registering students to vote or speaking on behalf of a specific candidate.

Campus Politics

If you are not interested in national politics, then you should try your hand at campus politics instead. You can run for class president or look to be a representative for your group in the student council.

Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and sororities are set up as social networks of people who helped each other get through the college experience. But they are also networks of people that join together to take up causes such as poverty and homelessness.

When you join a fraternity or sorority, you have instant access to some of the most influential social networks on campus. These kinds of introductions can help you later when you are trying to make inroads in your new career.

Intramural Sports

If you have an interest in sports, or you played sports in high school, then you will want to use your sporting abilities to get involved in college life. Just because you did not make the varsity college squad does not mean you have to give up on playing college sports. There are thousands of intramural sports leagues all over the country that have teams on your campus.

Sports Booster

If you cannot play sports or do not feel confident about playing sports in an intramural setting, then you can still get involved in college life by being a sports booster. Make yourself a fixture at your school’s athletic events and join the sports boosters program that will help you to become part of a large network of people who are also enthusiastic about your school’s sports programs.

Religious Groups

When people are adjusting to a new situation, such as the transition from high school to college, they often rely on their faith to get them through. You can follow your faith and get more involved in your college activities by joining a campus religious group.

Groups such as Christians On Campus and the Muslim Student Association have chapters at almost every major college campus in the country. Regardless of your faith, you should be able to find a welcoming organization that will help you adapt to and thrive in your college setting.

School Newspaper

Every year the school newspaper loses reporters, editors and other key staff to graduation. If you have an interest in writing, journalism, photography or reviews then you should consider joining the college newspaper.

You can ask to write feature stories, get involved in major campus events as a photographer or review the latest movies for the student body. If you are planning on a career in journalism or any kind of writing, then being on the school newspaper can be invaluable experience.

School Radio Station

In some of the more rural areas, the college radio station is the only station people listen to. If you have an interest in becoming a broadcaster after you graduate, or if you just want to get involved in a group that tries to bring entertainment and attention to the school campus, then join the college radio station.

When you join the college radio station you can get experience in programming, news editing, being a radio personality or promotions. It can be experience that you use in a variety of ways after graduation.

Teaching Assistant

Even as a freshman, you can offer your services to faculty members as a teaching assistant or lab coordinator. It is a great way for you to get the inside track on your major field of study and find out what will be expected of you as you go through your college career.

On-Campus Job

Some students get off-campus jobs to help supplement their college income. But if you want to help yourself get more acclimated with college life, then get an on-campus job. Try the bookstore or any on-campus restaurants, stores or businesses that hire employees.

College can take some getting used to when you first arrive fresh out of high school. You can help your college transition by getting involved in college activities as soon as you arrive on campus.

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