Top Brands for College Students

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December 9th, 2008 in Style

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Over the last four years, Nike, has been the top brand according to the 2009 GenX2Z College Study. Will it continue that trend, or will other brands be able to dethrone it?

Coming in second for the last two years is Apple, which surprised me. While they have really become engrained in youth culture thanks to their iPod brand, I still don’t think of them as worthy of being the second most well known and recognizable brand by college students.

Before Apple made the number two spot, American Eagle, another clothing brand, was in second. It has since been pushed to the third position. Clothing brands are scattered throughout the list, as clothes still help fit people into different groups, and continue to make statements about the students that prefer one over the other.

In fourth place, we see another technology company, with Sony lucking out mostly due to their PlayStation 3, though this is still a one spot drop from last years survey.

In fifth, we have the Gap, which is well known for its commercials, and continues to rank well on this list having been in the top ten over the last four years.

The sixth spot adds another clothing company to the mix with Old Navy. This is one store that was, and continues to be very popular for many of our friends here at College Crunch.

Surprisingly, despite their competitors focus on the youth market, comes Coca Cola, a beverage company comes in seventh. This is probably in part because it is seen as one of the leading drinks for keeping people awake during exams without jumping into the energy drink craze.

Eight spot goes to, yet another clothing company, Adidas. A long standing brand, much like Nike, but unable to get the draw and attention of their biggest competitor. In the last four years, the highest spot Adidas has been able to secure is fifth.

In the ninth position, we have Dell, being that they are a budget computer manufacturer and heavily promote themselves in the student market, it is no surprise, but they have also begun to entice the “geekier” market, helping increase their recognition among a more diverse group of students.

And finally, in the tenth spot, we have one more clothing company, and one that hasn’t been in the top ten since the 2005-2006 school year, Abercrombie.

Top Brands for College Students Graph

So that leaves us with a top ten list that is comprised of six top clothing brands, three technology companies, and one beverage company. An interesting mix that shows, in part, what college students today believe are important, or at least, which companies have the largest marketing budget aimed at the college attending students demographic.

Details from Tom H. C. Anderson

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