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Preparing for college will not only help students get into the school of their choice, it can also help them learn the skills and succeed later on in college and in the job market. Whether it is taking the SATs before applying to colleges, or learning how to cope with college life, students have a long and exciting road ahead of them. To overcome obstacles, like paying for college or choosing a major or career focus, there are many resources available to help you make the right decision and take the steps needed to succeed. The following is a collection of resources for students preparing and applying for college and beyond.

General College Prep Sites

College Prep 101 – The beginners guide to preparing for college, including how to apply and what to bring to college.

College Admission and Search Tools – Information and resources for students going into college, their parents, and school administrators.

College Prep Curriculum – Make sure that if you plan to apply to college, you make proactive choices in high school. This guide can help you decide what types of classes you need to take in high school to get into the college of your choice.

College Preparation Checklist – An easy to reference checklist to keep you on track through secondary school.

College Prep Timeline – Follow this timeline to make sure you complete all of the college requirements and benchmarks in time to apply and go to school in the fall.

Testing & Admissions

Princeton Review – Test prep information, including prep courses for the SATs, ACTs, and other qualifying exams used in higher education.

SAT Test Tips – Information to help students prepare to take the SATs, a requirement for most college applicants.

Test Prep Tips – A college of information and advice for students taking the SATs and other important tests.

Essay Writing Tips – Advice for students on how to write a winning essay when testing or applying to college.

General Test Taking Advice – A Detailed PDF with valuable test prep information that can be used in any testing situation.

Jobs, Internships, Fellowships

How to Get a Job – Many students work their way through college, here is some advice for getting a job that fits your needs and qualifications.

College Internships – Information for students thinking about applying for an internship while in, or after, college.

Finding an Internship – A PDF file with links and resources for students looking for an internship.

Internship Resources – General links and specialized internship resources for college students.

Smithsonian Internship Resources – The Smithsonian Institute offers internships in a wide range of subjects.

Financial Aid

Scholarship Essay Writing Tips – Need money for college? Many scholarships require an essay along with an application; learn how to write a good college scholarship essay here.

FAFSA – The Free Application for Student Aid is a federal program set up to help college students finance their education.

Department of Education – Information and resources for college students that need money to further their education.

Government Resources and Financial Aid – There are many different options available to students and families interested in receiving financial aid.

Fastweb – This scholarship database features tons of tools to help you pay for college.

Scholarships & Grants – Scholarships and grants are a great way to finance college without having to pay back students loans later on.

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students – Information and resources for disadvantaged students struggling to finance college.

Scholarship Checklist – There are many scholarships available to students with different interests and talents. Help gage your eligibility here.

Career Planning

Career Planning Resources – Information and resources to help you plan for your career after college.

Assessment and Job Search – Links to help students find and achieve a career they are qualified for and interested in.

Planning Your Career – Resources for those applying for jobs and planning their career.

Career Planning Process – Following these steps can help you achieve a successful career after college.

Planning Your Future – Planning what to do after graduating college can be scary, use these resources to help you through the process.

Career Resources – Links to information on a variety of different careers and professions.

Career Planning – It all starts with choosing a major, find out what you need to do to eventually have a successful career.

Dorm Life

What to Bring to College Checklist – Follow this checklist to make sure you pack everything you need for college.

What NOT to Bring to College – There are also some things that should be left at home. This is a list of what items should be left at home.

Choosing A Roommate – It is important to have a roommate you can get along with; here is some information about picking the right roommate and what factors play into choosing a roommate.

Managing Roommate Conflicts – Learn how to overcome roommate problems.

Military & Other Alternatives

Join the Army – The U.S. army is an alternative for students not interested in going to college right after high school.

The U.S. Navy – The U.S. navy provides a valuable service to the country.

U.S. Air Force – The U.S. Air Force is also an alternative to college after high school.

The National Guard – The official website of the National Guard.

Peace Corps. – Some students opt to join the Peace Corps to see the world and help others after high school.

Trade Schools – Trade schools are sometimes condensed programs to help students learn skills and enter into the job market faster.

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